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Why Treasure Trooper? It's cool..and fun!

Treasure trooper is not your average GPT (get paid to) site. It is a lot more fun! You can play games, go on treasure hunts for money, buy/earn mysterious prizes like gems, artifacts, and secrets that can assist you in making money, find buried treasure, do contests, and more! You can even form guilds with other members and team up for treasure hunts and contests. It is not just fill out offers and surveys.

Fun Currency
-the multiple currencies are platinum coins, pearls, money, and gold coins. You get gold coins with almost all offers you complete. Gold coins can be used for games that can win you other fantastic prizes. You can also buy: pieces of the treasure hunt map, mysterious gems, secrets, and journal pages. Platinum coins are almost like money. You complete special offers that don't give you money for them. Their are prizes you can buy with platinum coins as well.
You can buy:
-$20 amazon gift certificate - 20 platinum coins
-$50 visa gift card - 50 platinum coins
-4GB 3G ipod nano - 150 platinum coins
-arcade Xbox 360 w/ controller - 100 platinum coins
In my opinion, platinum coins are underrated.
The last currency are pearls. You earn pearls by playing a bonus game after doing an offer where you try to find a pearl in 3 oysters.

The artifacts
-The 4 artifacts are mysterious: a spear, a kiss, a calculator, and a hat. You get them through the jungle slots.

Buried Treasure
- a new feature that allows you to earn $2 every 5 days of the month, with could be up to $12 a month (except Feburary). All you do is complete offers for a chance to earn the $2. The more offers you complete the better chance you have of earning $1 or $2.

Jack's Jackpot has been suspended until further notice
Every month you have the oportunity to complete the "Jack's Jackpot" offer to win a change at ALOT of money. You are entered into the drawing when the red button turns green and says "Offer Completed!" TreasureTrooper has already given out $1534!

Posted Image

Posted ImageIf you have this button, that means you have not completed Jack's Jackpot offer and you need to do so if you want to be entered into the drawing.

Posted ImageWhen you have this button, that means you have successful completed the Jack's Jackpot offer and are entered into the drawing.

MABUTU'S TRADING HUT: Mabutu's trading hut is where you can buy prizes and trade currencies. These are all the prizes

A Forum Treasure Hunt Ticket (3 gold coins)
Posted Image
The ticket lets you participate in the monthly forum Treasure Hunts

Treasure Map Fragment (10 gold coins)
Posted Image
The Treasure Map Fragments (there are 4 of them) will allow you to go on the $100 Treasure Hunt

Ruby (15 gold coins)
Posted Image
The Ruby is a gem, it is unknown as to what it does

Pearl Friendship Bracelet (8 pearls)
Posted Image
Pearl Friendship Bracelet gets you 2 "free" referrals

Treasure Journal Pages (10 gold coins each)
Posted Image
Treasure Journal Pages are a collection of findings from Prof. Cogg about certain things about TreasureTrooper I wonder what they are...

Mabutu's Secret (15 gold coins)
Posted Image
Mabutu's Secret... well, can't say because it wouldnt be a secret

Mousepad (20 gold coins)
Posted Image
Mousepad is...well...a TreasureTrooper mousepad

Bumpersticker (25 gold coins)
Posted Image
The bumpersticker can be put on your car and if its spotted by one of TreasureTrooper's "spotters" you can win $500!

The Magic 6 Gems
It is unknown as to what they do, but try to collect them all!

1. Sapphire
: is the gem you get for completing enough cash value in offers. Start on those offers, guys.
Posted Image
2. Diamond: is one of the most sought after gem in all of Treasure Trooper. It appears when you successfully complete a specific offer; this varies from person to person, so it's up to you to find your own lucky one!
Posted Image
3. Emerald: is the referral gem, so get on those referrals.
Posted Image
4. Amethyst: is earned as you use the Cash Shopping section and make a certain amount.
Posted Image
5. Ruby: is found in Mabutu's trading hut. It costs 15 gold coins and is said to be worth it.
Posted Image
6. Topaz: is the newest added gem, and it's related to the Cash Surveys section.
Posted Image

$100 Treasure Hunt
The 4 map fragments are essential to completing the
$100 treasure hunt.

Posted Image

After you click the link you can begin your journey to recover the Lost Statue of the Mambiko Tribe. It will take brains, guts, and a little luck to get through the Hunt, but once you finish, you'll be glad you took the chance.

Posted Image


Referrals are a pretty big part about Treasure Trooper as they can bring in a lot of cash. But you must be wondering, "How can I get more referrals?". Well, check out these tips:

1. Tell your friends and family. I'm sure there's people you know that could use a little extra cash.

2. Put your link in your signatures for forums that you post in. Make sure advertising is allowed before adding your link to your signature

3.If you want referrals, use these:

you will get a LOT of referrals with these

4. Post flyers containing your referral link. Flyers are a great form of advertisement.


Official Treasure Trooper F.A.Q.

1. What are the requirements to join?
You must be 13 years of age or older and agree to our terms and conditions. In addition, you must have a desire to earn real money!

2. How can I get more referrals?
View our referral tips page here. Your referral link can be found by logging into your account and clicking "My Treasure."

3. How do I complete an offer?
Simply click on any of the offers on the offers page and follow the instructions. Once you have completed an offer just click the button next to it, indicating its completion. We will verify that you have completed the offer, and credit your account accordingly.

4. Can I give fake information when completing offers?
No way. You must sign up genuinely and truthfully. Lying when you sign up will cause pending payments to be reversed and possible removal from our system.

5. Can I have multiple accounts?
No, only one account is allowed per person/household. Your friends and family members may join, but only if they do not live in the same household.

6. Can I sign up for offers multiple times?
No, one time per offer per person.

7. When do I get paid?
Payments will be processed on the 30th of every month for the previous month's earnings. This means that you will receive a check monthly if your balance exceeds $20. If not, then your balance will be carried over to the next month.

8. I'm not from America, can I still join?
Yes, you may join and make money with TreasureTrooper. However, many of our offers will not be available for your country.

9. How can I receive support?
If your questions aren't answered here or in the "how it works" page, try checking the forums to see what different members have posted. If you still have questions, contact us and we will do our best to answer them quickly.

How to do Quarter Bin Offers

The Quarter Bin offers are quick, easy, and get approved 99% of the time.

This is how you fill them out quick and easy and a surefire way to get them approved.

First, Clear cookies before every offer you do. EVERY OFFER. very important. dont know how? this should help: "how to clear cookies"

1. Find an offer worth .25 cents

2. Fill in real info (make sure you have a few alternate gmail/email accounts) like phone numbers and addresses. If you want to use someone else's info, Make sure you have their permission to use their info. If you tell them it is important to you, they should allow you to. Make sure "your" address matches "your" zip code that also matches "your" area code. Don't know? - this should help: find area codes. Your best bet is to fill out YOUR zip code and put just the first 3 digits of your phone area code. These advertisers will send you spam. Be ready. Your making money after all.

2.5. close out of ALL popups that come up.

3. skip all offers. allow some time between skipping them. let the web page load for 10 seconds before skipping. This helps you receive credit. (you may have to scroll all the way down to find the skip button.)

4. When you get to a long vertical list of offers, press the TAB key and the DOWN key on the arrow keys repeatedly. this should say no to every offer. if it says; "you must say yes to 1 of these fantastic offers" just click yes to one offer, then hit skip after the 10 second waiting period. There should be 2-4 of these for the .25 cent offers.

5. Keep skipping offers, and when you find a vertical list - use the tab-down strategy.

6. After a lot of this, the page should turn into a picture of your "prize" and it should say "last steps" or "silver offers" like this. Scroll down and you should see a list of offers. Open up 2 of them and do NOT fill out these offers. Do the same for the "Gold" offers and the "Platinum" offers. wait 30 seconds. Do NOT close anything or clear your cookies.

7. Now, you are finished. Go back to treasuretrooper. find the offer you've completed and hit submit. wait 1 minute before closing the tabs and windows

After your done, wait 5 minutes until completing another offer. Remember, before you do another offer, clear your cookies. :)

Any questions of comments? email me at

Tips and Tricks to Getting Credit for Offers

Go as far as you can! You should see a silver/gold/platinum offers page, a quiz result, or some sort of ending page.

First of all, clear your cookies before every offer. (don't know how: link) It helps offers get approved. Second of all, make sure the information is valid and you do exactly as the requirements say. If it says: "Complete the entire survey with valid information" you have to reach the end of the survey with valid information. Give them your real name, address, phone area code. Doing this will help get offers approved. Don't have a phone? This should help: link . Make sure your zip code matches your phone area code.

Trick: When you approach an overwhelming list of vertical offers with a "yes" or "no" option, press the tab and down key repeatedly. This will say "no" to every offer. Great trick isn't it?

Thirdly, before submitting the offer at, wait 30 seconds on the last screen of your specified offer (the one in a new window out of After waiting, hit submit on your offer you've selected at treasuretrooper. Also, wait about 5-10 minutes between each offer you fill out (that takes you into a new window), and don't do too many in a short period, because some may end up lost in translation and they will get denied and you will get no money. I would say wait for your offer to clear and get you money in your account, BEFORE going for another offer.

Tip: When on doing an offer, wait 10 seconds on each one of the pages of the offer you are doing. Take your time and slow down. This will help you get credit for you offer.

Lastly, make sure you have duplicate sets of info like name, phone number, etc.... Also, you should have 3 or more different emails. The reason for this is because the companies that approve your offer then confirm the offer is complete and send it to cashcrate, check to make sure that you don't fill out similar (i.e. what drink are you? and what actor are you?) offers with the same info. You can check to see if you need different info by looking at the URL at the top of the page. If the root URL matches a previous offer you've completed(i.e.: www.e-research center........) you need different info.

For more, Tips and Tricks. e-mail me at . Feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

The Coolness of Treasure Trooper

The Best Free Offers on Treasure Trooper

The best offers on treasure trooper - meaning that they are easy and that they have the highest approval rate - are:

1. The QJ quiz offers - .50 / .25
- these are very easy and get approved. all you have to do is fill out the 13 answers, skip all offers, get your result, click on the offer at the bottom, then skip more adds afterward (you will see the progress meter only 80% full).
Est. time: 6 mins

2. The: "Enter your zip code/email with intent to participate" - .50/.25
-these are somewhat easy and you just fill out your email/zip code, fill out the next form with your info, skip offers, and you should approach 2 vertical lists of offers in which you say no to every one. Lastly, a popup should come up that says: "Thanks for Participating in these offers!"
You're Done!
Est. time: 7 mins

3. Quarter Bin offers - .25
-These are located on the sidebar of the website that says: "Quarter Bin." These are very easy to complete and are very similar. What you do is: you fill in your info in the forms, skip all offers, then you will see: "silver offers." Open up the (specified amount of) offers and do NOT fill them out. You should do the same for "Gold" offers and "Platinum" offers. You're Done!
Est. time: 4 mins

4. "The ____ vs. ____" offers - .75 , .50 , .25
-These are easy and get approved a lot.